Artwork Requirements


Before uploading any artwork with Printium, please make sure your design meets the following requirements.

We use an automated system to process our orders, so it’s essential that artwork is supplied correctly every time - this helps avoid any problems and delays.  Our prints are all quality-checked by hand before packaging, but supplying flawed artwork could still result in your order being wrongly printed, cancelled, or rejected.


These errors are rare, but by following our guidelines, you will guarantee a perfect print every time. For all new customers, we’ll manually check your first few orders to make sure everything is up to scratch.

We have a range of PDF and EPS templates you can download to help get your artwork ready for printing. If you need any assistance whatsoever, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please observe the following requirements and specifications when uploading your artwork:


  • Use PDF file format  ('X/1a' format, if available)
  • Apply 3mm bleeds
  • Crop marks can be included, but our system will add these to your artwork automatically
  • Maintain a 5mm safe area (i.e. keep text at least 5mm away from the edge)
  • Convert text to curves/outlines (you can also embed the fonts if you prefer)
  • At least 300dpi for all non-vector graphics
  • Use CMYK colour format
  • Flatten transparencies, drop shadows and complex gradients where possibleArtwork Guide6.jpg


Bleed - We cut the bleed area off your cards to avoid white strips on the edge. Make sure any images or colours fill this area.

Trim - This is where we aim to cut your cards.

Safe Area - Make sure no text goes outside the safe area, as it may be cut off.



Printium Top Tips…

Check out our visual top tips for some extra advice on perfecting your designs. Again, if you need any help, you can reach out via email:


Tip 1

Make sure your artwork has a safe area of at least 5mm around the edge of the document: any text outside the safe area may be cut off.


Artwork Guide1.jpg


Tip 2

Make sure all fonts are embedded.  If your fonts aren’t embedded, our system may automatically substitute your font for a different one.


Artwork Guide2.jpg


Tip 3

Make sure all images and graphics are above 300dpi. If your images look pixelated on-screen, then it may not be high enough quality for professional printing.  For best results, use vector-based graphics.


Artwork Guide3.jpg


Tip 4

The use of borders very close to edges can result in lopsided cards - naturally that’s something we want to avoid. For best results using a border, please maintain a gap of at least 5mm from the edge of the paper.


Artwork Guide4.jpg


Tip 5

Ensure your artwork has a 3mm bleed on all edges. If your artwork doesn’t have a bleed, it may end up with white edges.


Artwork Guide5.jpg


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