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If you run a business selling invitations and stationery, then you’ve probably tried printing at home on that dodgy inkjet, or outsourcing to a major printing company. Our guess is that you found those options weren’t up to scratch? We know, because a few years ago we were in your shoes.

We started our own invitation business back in 2008, and we tried every affordable solution in the book (plus a few less affordable ones) without any real success: the at-home printers weren’t good enough, and the services offering no minimum order and same-day dispatch charged a fortune for the privilege.
We know that our colleagues in the design industry are still facing these same problems. That’s why we’ve created Printium: affordable trade printers for professional designers.

Printium is the solution we were trying to find all those years ago.

After a lot of saving, investment and elbow grease, we put the pieces together and created a business that is tailored for creators of invitations and stationery. We chose to specialise so we could offer creators an affordable option when it comes to printing, while still using cutting-edge, professional technology.
Welcome to Printium. We’re glad to have you here!



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